Experience & Skills

•Design and Installation SCADA System
•Design and Installation PLC Automation System
•Electronic Board of Microcontroller
•Design Micro Controller System
•Data Logger and Recorder System
Analysis and Billing Energy with Power Mete more...



•Monitoring Volts, Current, Power, kVA, kVar, PF., kWh etc.
•Trend  real-time of graph
•Historical  graph
•Report more...


Air-Condition Control

•Control On/Off Air condition by Demand from iEnergy System
•Set Priority of Air condition
•Set Schedule
•Force to On/Off 
•User Interface friendly more...


Smart Batching Plant

•Manage Customer, Mix formula, Driver, Truck
•Manage Project
•Order and Billing
•Report  Daily, Monthly
•Display all status on Main Page
•CP1L Omron PLC more...


Crusher Control System

•Control Crusher and raw Material line
•SCADA WinCC 6.2 Design
•PLC Siemens S7
•Alarm & logging
•Control Motor, Temperature, Conveyor,
Crusher by Software
•Display status all device in real-time
•Fiber Optic Network Communication more...


COD/BOD Online System

•Monitoring COD, BOD, Flow, pH, kW
•Trend  real-time of graph
•Historical  graph
•Alarm with COD, BOD
•Summary Report more...


Electronic Board of Microcontroller

•Display and Monitoring System
•Security System
•Datalogging System
•Stepping Motor Control System
•Digital Weight Scale System
•RS-232, RS-485 System
•Stand Alone System
•Connection with PC and PLC more...


Smart Sampling

•Monitoring Capsule Weight from Capsule Machine
•Recording for statistic report
•Set alarm warning to invalid weight
•Export excel files to USB
•Export frequency graph to USB
•Support Touch screen interface
•Control I/O with Omron PLC more...


Gas Monitoring

•Monitoring Gas in Enkei’s factory
•Display Flow rate and Totalizing
•Set alarm warning to invalid value
•Trend and Historical graph
•Export to Excel or PDF files
•Daily and Summary report more...


Pace Maker 2009 Project

•Monitoring Target, Actual, Balance,
Efficiancy, Takt Time, Date and Time
•FX3U Mitsubishi PLC
•GOT1030 Mitsubishi Touch Screen
•Electronic Display Board
•Daily and Summary report
•RS-485 Communication more...